As a basic shredder, it is a good investment and I would recommend it for people. The major problem I have with this however it that it only shreds vertically and the spacing between the sharp bits is too far apart. ideally it needs to shred both horizontally and vertically to alleviate the issue. Overall however, it is fit for its purpose and have no issues using it to shred unneccessary / confidential documents.

Tips for use:
-the sensor is not very sensitive so a lot of the time you need to press the unjamming button whilst shredding
-do not shred documents with writing horizontally (ie writing side-ways when inserting documents) as it doesnt properly shred the information. to get around this, shred it vertically (ie writing facing down into the shredder) or slightly diagonally. for best results, blackout with indelible black marker before shredding.
-even though it says 8 sheets, depending on the thickness of the paper, 10-12 sheets can fit in without jamming.
By reginald kingston on 13 Feb. 2017

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