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Thread: My reason for buying this (Now TV) was to save buying a Smart TV.

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    My reason for buying this (Now TV) was to save buying a Smart TV.

    My reason for buying this was to save buying a Smart TV.
    I registered on the Now TV website (did this on my PC as it's didn't seem to be optimised for phones); downloaded the Android app, then set it up, then DEREGISTERED - this is important if you don't want to pay monthly for extras (I could have waited the three months for free films using the enclosed voucher but didn't bother) and now I have a Smart TV for 14.99.
    It's perfect for iPlayer, Demand 5, All 4, ITV, Sky Sport, Spotify etc. Don't worry about giving credit card details when you register as they take no money, but do make sure you deregister within the three free months (if you have the option which gives you the free three months, otherwise deregister immediately you have set up). The Smart TV capabilities continue after you have deregistered.
    Believe me it is very easy to set up, register and deregister.
    I can't fault it. Bought it in white to match TV etc., so you don't notice the box at all, which is neat and small with a small matching remote. This is a great advantage over mirroring as you don't need to use your phone and drain its battery.
    To start:
    Use your normal TV remote and press 'Source'.
    Scroll down to HDMI and press
    Go to your Now TV remote and Press OK
    The screen will give you the choice of options (iPlayer, ITV etc.).
    Use arrows to choose and press OK.
    That's it!

    NOW TV Box with 3 Month Entertainment Pass.jpg
    NOW TV Box with 3 Month Entertainment Pass (Electronics)
    Can't fault it - a Smart TV for 14.99., 20 Dec. 2015
    source review : Visitor TOP 1000 REVIEWER
    check update price
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