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Thread: Jurassic Park 4 film blu ray box set - clarifications for things unclear

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    Jurassic Park 4 film blu ray box set - clarifications for things unclear

    Jurassic Park Collection [Blu-ray] [Region Free].jpg

    Jurassic Park is a classic film, but the DVD transfers have always been lacking. The blu ray is not up there with reference quality but it certainly looks solid, film like and much more pleasing to look at. I have not checked the others yet, but from that benchmark, I'm sure they're fine.
    Another reviewer complained of difficulty navigating the menus - it's got standard Universal blu ray menus. A computer will allow you to skip through all the rubbish, but a stand alone blu ray player might not.
    The reason why I'm writing this review is because Amazon, much as I love the service they provide, tend to mix up reviews for different versions of the product (is it DVD? Is it 3D? All reviews under the product it has nothing to do with!). Also, it's unclear what the customer is getting when they buy this, so allow me to clarify.
    This is the Jurassic Park Ultimate trilogy boxed set with the Jurassic World blu thrown in. It comes in a standard plastic blu ray case for the trilogy and another for Jurassic World, standard retail box. It comes in a cardboard sleeve housing both. This has become common practice recently - the Bourne movies for example. This isn't a fancy cardboard fold out set. Photos below.
    It should also be noted then that this set has all the extras of the DVD trilogy and a bit more and obviously whatever the Jurassic World blu comes with. There is no Jurassic Park or Jurassic World in 3D.
    Mr. J. C. Gross said on 3 May 2016 (costumer review amazon)

    Price Jurassic park movie now

    Jurassic Park Collection [Blu-ray] [Region Free]
    Richard Attenborough (Actor), Sam Neill (Actor), Steven Spielberg (Director), & 1 more
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