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Thread: Classic King Kong finally on bluray - King Kong [2017] + more reviews Kingkong 2015

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    Classic King Kong finally on bluray - King Kong [2017] + more reviews Kingkong 2015

    King Kong [DVD] [2017].jpg King Kong [DVD] [2005] (2 Disc Special Edition).jpg

    Marc Van Kerschaver said about King kong 2017 on 13 Mar. 2011
    "I can't add much to that what's already known: King Kong is still one of the best adventure/fantasy/monster movies in the history of filmmaking. It is simply amazing that a movie of almost eighty years old is still a true joy to watch and to watch again. Now the gem is finally on bluray and it is something for the real filmlover and collector to own. Its packed in a great hardcover book with the story behind the film, the film itself is restored to its maximum and the disk is also packed with fantastic documentaries...Like I said, this is what a bluray version of a classic should look like. Highly recommended. Oh by the way. It's an American import, but it's region free so it can be played without any trouble on region 2 players."

    By Alan on 4 Mar. 2016 Format: Blu-ray

    "This would have been the ultimate edition had the colour version been in English or subtitled as it turned out the colour King Kong was in Italian language only, no use to me I only speak English, the other disc is black and white with the American English version both in bluray, everyone knows the story so I won't bore you with that, both versions are an upgrade to the DVDs that are for sale now, region 2 this ultimate edition is available from Italy"

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    All the bits I knew about, put back in! By Amazon Customer on 14 Nov. 2006 King Kong [DVD] [2005]
    Now, I'm one of the people eagerly awaiting King Kong at the cinema. I loved the original as a child and was very excited to see a re-newed version of the original monster movie! I wasn't disappointed, I wouldn't say I cherished Peter Jackson films. I tend to think he over does scenes a bit and although I agree that the details in films, make them. He focuses on details that are really irrelevant. I think you cold loose a lot of this film and it would still make sense. Scenes like Ice-skating on a frozen pond, a lot of stuff on the boat and some of the senes that try to build up the 'eerie factor' with bit characters like 'Hayes' and 'Jimmy'.
    However, I always enjoy the film and now we have an extra 13 minutes. Luckily, there aren't any extra talking. Pure action baby!
    The scenes added, are as followed.
    One excellent scene is with a Piranadon!!! A enormous carnivourus fish. This is one I was really looking forward to in the cinema, but for some reason was cut out. One thing a bit lame about it, is Peter Jackson's rubbish underwater shots. You can tell the actors been held up to a fan machine, completely dry, pretending to be swimming. Mr. Jackson did this in one of the Lord of the Rings movies. It's just lazy, yet probably cost them more money! The Piranadon is really really really cool though!
    Another is a scene involving a Triceratops! Which mangles many of the sailors that ventured out into th jungle to save Anne.
    Then there are a sattering of extra bits and smaller scenes that feature - Dodo's, water scorpions, a bit more bugs and a bit more kong. overall, great additions!
    I would advise any fans to get this, although they probably already have. This is a very good film before, now its even better! One thing I was disappointed with was the packaging! LAME! come on Universal, do something special! Anyway, Buy it!
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