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Thread: Harry potter films DVD, Nice edition, Complete 8-Film Collection 2016 version

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    Harry potter films DVD, Nice edition, Complete 8-Film Collection 2016 version

    Harry Potter - Complete 8-Film Collection (2016 Edition) [DVD + UV Copy].jpg

    reviews source Amazon harry potter films dvd : Harry Potter and the Secret of what's in this blu-ray set
    I found it incredibly difficult to find any information on this set. If you check the majority of reviews you'll see really helpful stuff like: "Arrived in time, but was slightly smeared in jam, hence dropped a star." and "If you like Harry potter, and films, and films about Harry potter, you will probably like this." and even more usefully: "Bought for my son Dave who subsequently fell off a boat and has been declared dead in absentia, so can't comment."

    What you have here is the complete set of Harry Potter films (parts 1 to 8.2) in glorious HD. Each disc has it's own limited set of special features, but every entry also comes with a second Blu-ray disc, loaded exclusively special features and including the multi part, and extensive documentary "Creating the world of Harry Potter". That's a whoppingly comprehensive set of 16 BR discs!

    It comes in a hard case, with four "year-based" gatefold inserts covering two films and four discs each (with spines that also match the early book releases too). They have the wonderful new artwork specially designed for the 2016 releases on both sides and create a really nice compact set that you can stick in your collection without having to construct an entirely new re-enforced unit of furniture to hold it.

    The video quality is superb and the audio is even better, because contrary to what the back of the box says, the first five films aren't just "Dolby Digital 5.1", they're actually either "Dolby TrueHD" lossless and/or original LPCM 5.1 uncompressed (the same track from the initial UK blu-ray releases). Not head the earlier films at lossless quality before and it was an absolute treat to the ears.

    What the set doesn't contain, is the extended versions of the first two films or the 3D versions of the Deathly Hallows. Neither of these were a deal breaker for me. I always though the 3D was a bit gimmicky for the final instalments, plus the extended scenes from Philosophers Stone and Chamber of Secrets are available as extras.

    So basically if you have the original releases, these are seriously worth the upgrade, especially at this price. Also, going back to the beginning again and watching Daniel Radcliffe and friends starting out at Hogwarts, I thought: Why exactly were people so blown away by Richard Linklater's 'Boyhood'? That was basically a film that we're told is amazing because of the unique way it used the same actors over twelve years. People forget that Harry Potter already did that, so what's so great about it? With one exception, nothing even vaguely dramatic happens in that film. A boy gets bigger, grows a moustache and goes to college. There you go - I just saved you three hours of your life. They really should have put a Dementor in there somewhere, or a handful of goblin bankers at least.

    Harry Potter - Complete 8-Film Collection (2016 Edition) [DVD ].jpg

    deals 03-10-2017 Harry Potter series on dvd,
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