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Thread: Save 20% with this voucher "AATU FOR CATS" AATU 85/15 Cat Food Chicken 200g 3.99

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    Save 20% with this voucher "AATU FOR CATS" AATU 85/15 Cat Food Chicken 200g 3.99

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    AATU started off as manufacturing what they term as “evolutionary natural feeding” for Dogs which essentially is food derived from what the animal would have obtained fo itself from the natural world. The key here being that there are no “packers” such as grain which can make up a high percentage of cheaper branded pet food (in short dogs, cats and their ancestors were around long before wheat) and the protein is derived from a single source. Their venture into the cat world appears to be new as there is no mention of the product on their website (its 100% Dog!) and the actual food is not actually released yet.

    The key differential between the Cat 88/15 and other higher end brands is the fact that 85% of the protein content is single source meat (in this case chicken), after all Cats are carnivores. As a comparative example, “IAMS Proactive health adult chicken” contains 40% meat and even though it is labelled “chicken” the meat actually comes from both Chicken and Turkey and yes even the likes of IAMS contain fillers such as maize & wheat. That’s a pretty staggering c60% more chicken in the AATU as opposed to the IAMS!

    Well they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating and in this test AATU excelled. Our cat is predominantly a wet food one although as he also has a voracious appetite we feed it dry food at least once a day. We’ve tried all the major brands from Go-Cat to Iams and yes whilst he does like them the AATU is the only one today where the bowl is licked clean 100% of the time and no bits are left for later. This really was somewhat of a revelation and if using this product, you can feel pretty assured that your cat is actually enjoying what they are consuming.

    The one area where we struggle is price. The IAMS mentioned above retails for about 5.99 for 800g so at 16 for 1kg the AATU is by no means cheap. There is no doubt that a grain free, high naturally sourced protein cat food is akin to the Rolls Royce of feeding regimes but I fear that at this price point it may just prove to be a bridge too far for most pet owners. Apart from that both we and “Tiggie” would give this the definite thumbs up, especially if money is not an issue. Amazon Review (R wallace)
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