recommended technic Diet, Master reshape body just one week, 7lbs in 7 Days £0.99

recommended technic Diet, Master reshape body just one week, 7lbs in 7 Days £0.99

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Back in November 2014 I purchased this book after a work colleague recommended it. She’d read the book, bought the juicer & some supplements but hadn’t got any further. Up until this time I hadn’t heard of Jason Vale, so just out of curiosity I ordered the book.
At the time I was on medication for a severely under active thyroid. I had aches, pains and found it impossible to loose any weight so I thought any things worth a try. I started reading the book & just couldn’t put it down!! I finished it within a day & was so fired up to try this lifestyle change that I immediately ordered myself a juicer, blended & all the fruits and veggies I’d need for the first few days.
If you’ve never read Jason’s books before, his style of writing is very quick & easy to follow – maybe a bit basic for some, but his message about what we put in our bodies & the way it makes us feel really hit home with me.
I embarked on the 7 day diet with excitement. I was 43, almost 11 stone (I’m only 5′ 2″), looked tired & puffy, ached a lot and had just enough energy to get me through the day.
Most of the smoothies are delicious – some of the juices are an squired taste… I have to say, I discovered I really don’t like raw beetroot in any of the juices so I skip that ingredient. Other than that it’s a really tasty diet!!
I didn’t have any withdrawal symptoms at all, felt pretty normal the first 2 days. But on day 3… WOW!!! It was almost like I woke up in a different body. My eyes opened to the sound of the alarm & instead of dragging myself out of bed it was like there was a light bulb of energy bursting through my body. My stomach had melted away in my sleep & I could see myself slimming down before my eyes!
This amazing surge of energy lasted all day, every day. I slept much better every night too. I was in a much better mood, my skin appeared fresher & all the puffiness in my face disappeared.My body continued to visibly slim every day…but I resisted weighing myself until the 7 days were completed.
I managed to loose 7lbs in 7 days without ever feeling hungry – in fact I missed a couple of juices as I didn’t feel I needed them.

As my results were so good, I decided to follow on with Jason’s 14 day Supercharge plan… I continued loosing weight and feeling great.
In fact when I had my routine blood test a month or so later my doctor called me into the surgery to say my thyroid had decided to start working again so my medication was reduced.
This firmly reiterated to me that I was doing the right thing, and pretty much from that day on I have eaten only whole healthy foods, with lots of juices, smoothies & soups thrown in.
Over three months I lost 3 stone and got back into my size 6-8 clothes (pretty good going for a 44 year old mother of 5!).
I am writing this review a year after my initial weight loss and can happily say that the weigh has stayed off… I’m still a size 6-8 and am now completely off medication for my thyroid (which I 100% credit to my change of diet – thank you Jason Vale!)

My review doesn’t end there though…
My sister witnessed my transformation & joined in loosing just over a stone (she didn’t have that much to loose)
My brother in law (who was very over weight lost 47lbs starting off with the 7 day plan & finding he only wanted to eat healthy food after that)

As for my husband – he watched myself & family members regain our health and figures but was adamant that he couldn’t & wouldn’t do it. He couldn’t live without ‘food’, even though I explained to him that it’s ‘food’ that makes the smoothies… You just drink it instead of eating it!
He even refused to try any of my juices & smoothies – would turn his nose up at the look & smell with a disgusted look on his face…
That was until I ordered a new slow press juicer (from Jason’s website) & in the box was Jason’s 28 day Superjuice Me documentary (I can’t recommend this documentary enough… It explains the reasons why you should give your system a break soooooo well).
After watching the documentary he said he wouldn’t mind trying a 7 day juice plan, so I dusted off my copy of this book & bought the fruit/veg before he had chance to change his mind!!

He needs to loose around 3 stone (maybe 4), suffers with aching knees & ezcema, mood swings & lack of energy.
Day 1-4 for him was awful. He didn’t feel hungry but had what I can only describe as severe man flu. I think this was mainly down to caffeine withdrawal. Still, he stuck at it and actually really enjoyed all the smoothies & juices (apart from any containing raw beetroot, which I was happy to drop as I don’t like it either). By day 5 his skin was amazing, the ezcema was clearing up & his energy levels started increasing.

This transformation continued and by day 7 he’d lost an amazing 14lbs and 15″ off his body measurements!!!

The first thing he said to me was he wanted to do another week!!!

So… Week 2… Energy levels increased, mood swings disappeared, skin condition continued to improve and knees stopped aching! He lost a further 6lbs and wanted to do another week!!
Week 3 we changed it up a little – smoothie for breakfast, homemade soup for lunch, juice mid afternoon & smoothie for tea. He lost a further 2 lbs and wanted to continue…
Week for we changed it again – smoothie for breakfast, homemade soup for lunch, juice mid afternoon & a healthy vegetarian tea. He lost a further 7lbs and 3″!!

So in total, in just 4 weeks he’s lost 2st 1lb and 18″ off his body.

He’s now happy to continue this way – it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. He is now happy to try any veggies I put in front of him and actually likes foods he previously hated. It really has changed his lifestyle.

I will try & update his progress over the coming weeks/months – it does work for the long term as I have proven, but hopefully reading about my husbands journey may also help a few people too.

UPDATE: Husbands 7 week weigh in – total loss so far = 2st 10lbs 😊

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